Cruise Control

Here you can find out more information about cruise control and what we are able to offer you.

In this section you will find information on our range of cruise control products. Click the About Cruise Control tab for general information on cruise control.

All our cruise control and cruise/limiter systems have full system diagnostics which makes the initial setting up more accurate and also allows the driver (should they feel it is necessary) to make fine adjustments in the future. All cruise controls, cruise/limitersand limiters have electronics modules which are the heart of each system. A complete system comprises the electronics module with an appropriate command module (except for the limiter), the correct 'T' harness (for the AP900 fully electronic cruise/limiter) to link the system to the vehicle and in the case of the AP300 and AP500 cruise controls, either a vacuum or electric actuator.



Drive-by-Wire Cruise Control/Speed Limiter System

This is a FULLY ELECTRONIC cruise/limiter system, which is ideally suited to modern drive-by-wire vehicles. It operates electronically and has no moving parts and requires no mechanical connections. Although the system is universal it requires a 'T' harness to link with the vehicle. This is vehicle specific and should the AP900 be refitted in another vehicle it may be necessary to fit a different 'T' harness. Needs a 'T' harness and command module for a complete kit.



Professional Electric Actuator Operated Cruise Control

The AP500 uses an electric actuator to control the throttel of the vehicle and hence the cruise speed. The system 'piggy-backs' onto the vehicle thus avoiding the necessity of taking power from the brake servo. It is suitable for most vehicles although for modern, drive-by-wire vehicles the AP900 would be more appropriate. Needs a command module for a complete kit.



Professional Vacuum Actuator Operated Cruise Control

AP300 is a heavy duty, professional series, cruise control system which takes power from the brake servo of the vehicle. It is suitable for use in most vehicles although for modern, drive-by-wire vehicles the AP 900 would be more appropriate.



Professionally installed only. Please contact us for a quote.

Limits the vehicle to a preset maximum speed. Suitable for most drive-by-wire vehicles.



Professionally installed only. Please contact us for a quote.

As for the SL900 but incorporates a CAN-Bus interpreter for easier installation on more modern vehicles.



De-luxe, steering column mounted command module with two speed memory function

This de-luxe command module is offered as standard with all installations carried out by Adroit Services. It is flick-switch operated with the normal SET, RESUME, TAP UP and DOWN functions as well as a COAST facility which allows the driver to disengage the cruise control without touching the brake or clutch pedals. A bi-coloured led indicates when there is power to the system (green) and whether the system is engaged (orange). Additionally the rocker switch in the end of the command module allows two speeds to be permanently pre-selected. A press of the relevant switch will take the vehicle automatically to the pre-selected speed. The command module is fingertip operation with the driver having no need to remove their hand from the steering wheel. This makes the CM35 control much safer to use than some other types.



De-luxe, steering column mounted command module

This de-luxe command module is similar to STALK-1 in every respect except it does not feature the two-speed memory function.



Dashboard mounted command module

A command module which is mounted on the dashboard of the vehicle within easy reach of the driver. It features the normal SET, RESUME, ON/OFF buttons together with a bi-coloured led to show whether the system is switched on (green) or the cruise is engaged (orange).

Please Note: Other command modules may be available please contact us for details.



'T' harness (vehicle specific or universal) required for all AP 900 installations

Many of the 'T' harnesses are vehicle specific which will reduce the installation time. Please telephone us for details of vehicles which are compatible with the fully electronic AP 900 cruise control system.

From £38.00


Model Description Price
SPG Transducer which fits on the speedo cable and provides electronic speed pulses for the cruise control system FROM £42.00
MAG-1 Magnet kit for prop shaft/ drive shaft speed sensing £25.00
CSW Clutch switch (for vehicles not fitted with switches as standard) £17.00
AA170 Clutch switch (magnet and reed type) for4 vehicles without OE switches £17.00
CAN Canbus interpreter to provide speed and other information where no other source is available (please telephone for information) FROM £90.00

Installed Kit Prices

It is easy to become confused with the range of features and options shown so to make life simpler we have put together some prices which reflect some of our more frequent installations.

Example 1

Fiat Ducato/Peugeot Boxer Multijet
AP 900 + 'T' harness + STALK/MEM command module, professionally installed by us £438.00

See special offer for this system

Example 2

Peugeot Boxer HDi/ Fiat JTd
AP 900 + 'T' harness + STALK/MEM command module, professionally installed by us £435.00

See special offer for this system

Example 3

Fiat Ducato TDi/Peugeot Boxer TDi
ELEC-1 + DASH-1 command module + SPG transducer, professionally installed by us £409.00

Please telephone us on 01205 820004 or email on for price information an any other vehicle not shown

We also supply cruise control kits for DIY installation, together with technical advice and support where required.

What is cruise control?

A cruise control system allows the driver to maintain a set speed without using the throttle pedal on the vehicle.

What does it comprise?

Electronics module - Normally mounted behind the dashboard and includes a microprocessor - the ‘brain’ of the system.

Actuator - Normally fitted in the engine bay and controls the engine speed and hence the road speed of the vehicle. No actuator is used in the AP900 systems - the vehicle's speed is controlled electronically. No actuator is used with a plug-in system.

Command module - Mounted on the dashboard, steering column, steering wheel or gearstick and allows the driver to operate the cruise control system.

How does it work?

The system is activated by driving to the desired speed and pressing 'SET' on the command module. The vehicle will then maintain the speed without the driver using the throttle pedal. If the brake or clutch pedals (if clutch switch fitted) are pressed, the 'COAST' function is activated or the system is turned 'OFF', the cruise control will instantly disengage.

Touching 'RESUME' returns the vehicle to the previously set speed automatically. The set speed may be increased or decreased by tapping either 'SET' or 'RESUME' and each tap alters the speed by about 1/2 mph. The set speed may also be gradually increased or decreased by pressing and holding 'SET' or 'RESUME' and releasing at the new speed.

What are the different types of cruise control?

The FULLY ELECTRONIC system connects directly into the electronic throttle of the vehicle, dispensing with the need for an actuator and using the vehicle’s own electronics to help provide cruise control. Whilst the system itself is universal, the harness which links to the electronic throttle is vehicle specific. This system is the most suitable for modern motorhomes.

The fully-electronic system also includes a SPEED LIMITER function, which is selected by the driver and prevents the vehicle being driven, even by using the throttle pedal, above the selected speed.

The ELECTRIC system uses an electric actuator to control the vehicle’s throttle.

The VACUUM system uses a vacuum actuator to provide the power.

Both of the above systems mechanically control the cruising speed of the vehicle by either linking to the throttle linkage on the engine or by moving the throttle pedal directly. For modern, drive-by-wire systems using this method is a retrograde step.

What are the main benefits of cruise control?

  • Better fuel economy – the vehicle only uses sufficient fuel to maintain the set speed and no more.
  • More environmentally friendly – only using as little fuel as is necessary to maintain the set speed and so reducing emissions.
  • No accidental speeding – the speed that is set is the speed maintained.
  • Safer driving – the driver can concentrate on the road and other road users rather than constantly checking the speed.
  • More relaxed driving – the driver can stretch his legs and shift driving position easily so, at the end of a long journey, is far less tired.

Optional extras?

Different command modules are available which may be mounted on the dashboard, either side of the steering column, on the steering wheel (using infra-red sensing), or in place of the existing gearknob. It is also sometimes possible to interface a cruise system with the original manufacturer's cruise switches.

A separate memory module allows the driver to preset three speeds and simply tapping the relevant button takes the vehicle to the permanently memorised speed.

A fingertip operated 'FLICK' switch stalk control incorporating a TWO-SPEED MEMORY and COAST function is normally fitted with installed systems from Adroit Services.

Drivers who have a cruise control system or speed limiter/cruise control installed by Adroit Services can be assured that it will perform as well as those offered by vehicle manufacturers.


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Special Offer
An AP900 with STALK/MEM command module installed for only £415 (a saving of £23 on the normal price).

This offer assumes that no additional elements are required for the installation such as a canbus interpreter, clutch switch or speed pulse transducer.